It’s in the Preparation

Many times people are often amazed on how that individual, business unit, and/organization continues to thrive and produce consistent high quality results. It’s not some big secret on how and why it happens. Most times, the answer is simple…It’s in The Preparation. True you need skills, talent, capital and other resources. But the difference between winning and losing the game is all about the PRACTICE. Ask any coach, they’ll say the same.

Think about the movie or play you went to see in the past 3 months. Do you think the product you witnessed didn’t come from dozens of rehearsals or film takes? 

1) Each actor spends countless hours learning their lines.
2) Collaborate through it as a team in rehearsal
3) Based on the learning, adjustments are made for show-time or during filming

Before you know it, you’ve just seen huge production in 2-3 hours that took months to develop and many people behind the scenes.     

Big Game
It’s no different in business (The BIG GAME).

1) Learning- review data/reports and conduct interviews with customers
2) Collaboration- as team develop an approach with key stakeholders input
3) Adjustments- during the course of your actions make changes to reflect the business conditions 

The actual event is just an OPPORTUNITY to sharpen the skills, showcase the work, and display the commitment. You’ve already won the game because of The Preparation.