Explore the Opportunity

I am a student of Leadership. Meaning, I’ve gone through over 1000 hours of external workshops, joined many Executive job shadows, and absorbed 15 years of experience at a Fortune 500 company. During these exposures there tends to be a common thread among them. People that grow successfully in business and sustain fulfillment in their lives TAKE RISKS. I describe it more congenial they Explore the Opportunity. Even in times of comfort and satisfaction they look for ways to stretch and challenge themselves.

Lullaby of Status Quo
It’s so easy to sit back and enjoy once you have your job figured out or that family routine down pact. Complacency creeps up and lullabies you to sleep. Most people get comfortable but successful Leaders get weary. They thrive on the next challenge, the new learning, and the personal growth experience. Stephen Covey describes it as Sharpening the Saw in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. These folks try something new or different to further engagement them in the story of life. 

For example, recently I have two close friends that are being recruited by Fortune 500 companies. Both have tremendous past accomplishments and are seen as experts in their respective areas. I begged both of them to just Explore The Opportunity. Of course, each came up with excuses or reasons why not. However, when we talked through the obstacles it came down to both were “COOL” with their set up. Their current situation had everything running just right- autonomy, great pay, and systems to keep it going. WAKE UP! 

Don’t you think VCR companies had it all figured out before DVD and Net Flix.

Staying Awake
You don’t know what you don’t know so how do you find out? LEARN.  

1) Start continuous learning outside your current situation with new and/or different articles, books, TV programs, and taking classes

2) Meet new/different people outside your existing circles

Take action based on what you learn- Explore the Opportunity. I challenge you that you’ll have great experience from it. You might change roles, start a business, relocate the family, or even find something out about yourself.