The Leadership Journey

During the past 13 years, I have had the great fortune to serve in various leadership capacities. This encompassed guiding teams of 8-10 to an entire Department of 40. One of my biggest learning has been that Leadership is a Journey and NOT a Destination.
The Dream
Many of my peers that I graduated with from college in the mid 90’s had similar dreams. You know the dream-
  1. Gain employment at a Fortune 500 company
  2. Rise above the competition in the office by working harder, smarter, and long hours
  3. Seek out the high profile projects that lead to promotion
  4. Network with the key players in the organization that become advocates on your behalf
  5. Obtain your MBA and other professional certifications that allow you to stand out
Stay disciplined to those steps, and you will ARRIVE. You know, several promotions, six figure salary, awesome perks, large home, luxury car and a trophy spouse. We all watched the Secret of My Success with Michael J Fox or Wall Street with Charlie Sheen. All these movies depicted the fantasy of Leadership in Corporate America.
The Reality
Once you get the dream Leadership role, realize that it is not about you but others. Serving a greater good or higher purpose to lead people against tough competition and ever challenging business conditions. Forget the fantasy because in reality-
  1. Your decisions impact the success or demise of the business
  2. You are responsible for developing others to greater heights
  3. Your work ethic will dictate your team’s commitment to success
  4. The network you share will act as a conduit for spreading wisdom
  5. Your continuous learning will become a road map for others to follow
Through the years and different business cycles you’ll understand how the Journey is a continuum of learning, sharing your wisdom, and helping people to succeed. The good news is the Journey so rewarding that it outweighs all those material items in the dream. 
GET OUT THERE and lead others to greater heights….just enjoy the Journey along the way.