It Comes Back...

Two years ago around this time I was engaged in a little peer coaching regarding her increasingly jaded perspective on the 'noise' that was interfering with her efforts to make things better for her team and her company as a whole. We exchanged a few emails as a means to assess just how far she was sliding away from the positive, ever optimistic and genuinely enthusiastic leader I'd known her to be. At one point I said, "You sound like one of those people who wants to forgo purposeful process for personal ease. Don't be that way. Be the change that's needed, not the one that's most comfortable."
Yesterday, that former peer (she's since become an entrepreneur) and I were we discussing a process I am managing a group of leaders through and the many variables 'ill-addressed' by the coordinators related to the process. Well, I apparently revealed glimpses of my own slide and to adjust my thinking she emailed that quote back to me.
Lessons -
  1. You never fully know the impact of your words on others so be mindful of what you share, when you share it, and why you're sharing it. In this case, it was a 2 year old conversation and quote that was at her finger tips.
  2. ‪Being vulnerable and candid with others aides in establish trusting relationships and opens doors for people to help (advise, coach, mentor, etc.). In this case, being candid about what we were thinking and how we were feeling, enabled us to inject something positive and progressive.
  3. What you put out there for others comes back two fold at least (so take heed to lesson 1 first). In this case I have yet to tally ALL the positive ways hearing that quote has impacted me, my perspective, and the relationship with my colleague but it is somewhere around 10 fold so far.
I share this with you just in case it meets you where you are today, tomorrow, or even two years from now.