Boundless Time; Endless Effort

It is Elusive
I am reminiscing about the seemingly boundless time I used to have; almost effortlessly. The older I get, the more responsibilities that I have. Therefore, increasing difficulty is experienced in procuring extra time for myself, even with significant effort.

A Symptom of Growing Up
For many, the work place and economic environment certainly play a part in sacking time. The necessity to do more with less is not new in the corporate world. We have been trained to watch the bottom line for any fluctuation, then to adjust and adapt in any manner required to ensure the perpetuity of our employer. And why wouldn’t we? If they live to see a new day then so do we. We help one another to meet our objectives - so it seems like a fair trade.

Then there’s our personal life. Even here there may be increasing demands made popular by the ease of communication. Internet capable cell phones strapped to our hips makes answering calls, texts, emails, etc. so readily available that not responding almost feels like an act of negligence.

Finding the Time that Time Stole Away
Loyalty to our employer, to our family, to our friends; but most importantly to ourselves.

Altruism is the principle or practice of unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others. This is a concept separate from human nature and should not be misconstrued as the standard of human behavior. Saints are few and far between. Most will not have your best interests at heart more than you do and those who depend on you, such as your employer, your family, your friends, will take their environmental cues from you.

I believe it is much better when the “I need time” cue comes as a declarative proactive measure, rather than a reactive temper tantrum (fyi social norm: adults are not allowed to have melt-downs). So as we move into the holiday season, I am taking the opportunity to rejuvenate - it is an opportunity that I certainly will not take for granted.

Instead of focusing on the “chore” of the holiday, I plan to take my “me time”, add fuel to my joy, and savor it because, I have found that boundless time comes at a teaser rate and it does indeed aim to elude thereafter. So, I have made my peace with it while assertively claiming my right to it. We’ll see how that goes.